Physician holding pen in right hand signing a document.

Physician employment agreements are often more complex, detailed, and comprehensive than employment agreements in other fields. Beyond title, scope of services, compensation, etc., a physician employment agreement often considers complex provisions, including but not limited to, HIPAA, patient confidentiality, medical malpractice insurance, and terms surrounding the relationship between the physician, practice and/or hospital(s) where they may perform work. 

Additionally, physician employment agreements often include multifaceted compensation plans comprised of base pay, incentive compensation, compensation for additional coverage shifts, and similar terms. Whether you are new to the profession or a seasoned physician, being presented with a physician employment agreement can appear overwhelming. You may feel that it is “standard” or that it is easier to just sign the physician employment agreement.  Before you take any action, consider contacting our office to review and potentially negotiate your physician employment agreement. 

We Help Physicians Ensure They Have A Fair And Equitable Employment Agreement

We work with physicians to help them understand their proposed employment agreement, and if possible, negotiate enhanced terms surrounding:

  1. Compensation and Benefits; 
  2. Malpractice Insurance Provisions;
  3. Termination Provisions; 
  4. Coverage And Shift Adjustments;
  5. Related Outside Activities;
  6. Restrictive Covenants; and,
  7. Related Terms and Conditions Unique To Physicians and the Medical Field.

From our experience there is no “standard,” one size-fits-all physician employment agreement. We often work with physicians, who in hindsight regret that they did not review, and potentially negotiate, their physician employment agreement with an attorney.

Call Attorneys Knowledgeable in Negotiating Physician Employment Agreements

We can help you review and potentially negotiate your physician employment agreement. To learn more about how we may assist you, please call or contact the Maura Greene Law Group today to schedule a consultation.

The Not So Fine Print:

We see patterns in our practice, like the ones described above. However, every case has its own unique facts. Before you take any action, you should contact an employment lawyer and get advice on your own situation. We can’t provide legal advice here and this isn’t intended as legal advice. Keep in mind that it is best, if possible, to establish a relationship with an attorney before a workplace issue turns into a full-blown crisis. Employees who have received a verbal or written warning or performance improvement plan, should contact counsel now. Ditto for employees who are seeing their doctor for workplace related stress or anxiety.