Executive Compensation & Advocacy

We represent executives and professionals in biotech, pharma, tech, healthcare, finance and banking, law, retail, hospitality, and secondary and higher education.

Do you need help negotiating your executive compensation or need someone to advocate for your rights & benefits as an executive?

We have experience representing executives from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Honors and Recognitions

Executives and Professionals

We represent C-suite executives, Directors, Vice Presidents, administrators, scientists, technical professionals, finance and banking professionals, physicians, HR professionals, and college faculty and administrators.

Protecting your executive compensation and career is important. Often, we see executives and professionals when they want to leave their current position, or they are being restructured or managed out of their role. The Maura Greene Law Group can help you tactfully negotiate for increased base, bonus, deferred compensation, equity, and other compensation.

We also help clients who want to transition from their executive roles by helping them negotiate for better terms that protect their reputations and careers.

As employment lawyers, we also often see clients who need legal advice about important documents, such as offer letters, employment and retention agreements, NDAs, non-competes, and other contracts.

We find that many executives and professionals focus on the front end of their employment (initial compensation, bonuses, equity). However, we advise our clients to plan & negotiate appropriate provisions in the contract to protect them from unjust termination or demotion.

Your employer has a skilled attorney. But you deserve excellent legal services too.

When your executive compensation, career, and reputation are at stake, contact us at 617-936-1580 or MGLGstaff@mauragreenelaw.com. We can’t wait to help you.