FAQ: Executive Compensation & Advocacy

What industries do you represent? Do you have experience in representing executives or professionals like me?

The Maura Greene Law Group represents executives and professionals in biotech, pharma, tech, healthcare, finance and banking, law, retail, hospitality, as well as secondary and higher education. We also have experience representing individuals from startups to Fortune 500 companies. We represent C-suite executives (CEO, COO, CFO, etc.), Directors, Vice-Presidents, administrators, scientists, physicians, HR professionals, as well as college faculty and administrators.

Contact us at 617-936-1580 or MGLGstaff@mauragreenelaw.com.

If you are still at the company, all options are on the table. Call now so we can advise you on ways to structure your transition, maximize your executive compensation, and protect your reputation. When there’s a lot at stake for your compensation and career, it’s good to have a skilled lawyer on your side.
This is what we do. In fact, as employment lawyers, we review and negotiate severance agreements every day. We help professionals transition out of their employment with the compensation they deserve and an agreement that protects their reputation. Executives call us to help negotiate when their agreement doesn’t reflect the compensation they’ve earned or if they are concerned that a hasty exit will impact their reputation or ability to find another position. Additionally, we are also trial lawyers and are able to defend and protect your rights.
We advise you about your legal rights and review your contracts for compensation you are owed. Afterward, we help you navigate any transition in a way that protects your reputation and career. Typically, the earlier you contact us, the more options you have.

We review your contracts for provisions that may give you rights. Our legal team can advise you of any legal claims, such as retaliation. We help you think through your options and assist you in navigating any employment transition. We can also help structure any employment transition to maximize your executive compensation and protect your reputation.

Remember, you don’t have to go through this alone. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

If you are in this situation, it may be negatively affecting your health and level of stress. Many people in this situation dread going to work or meeting with their manager. You may be cut out of meetings and important communications, or your boss may be communicating directly with your team. But we can help and advise you of your legal rights. We often negotiate for employees in similar situations. However, keep in mind that employment claims have a short time frame. Contact us today to discuss your case and take the first step today.

Our legal team can help you go through your contract and discuss ways to make it stronger and more beneficial to you. We also discuss ways to structure compensation and sign-on bonuses, the importance of change of control provisions, and how to limit non-compete and non-solicitation agreements. Most of the time, executives and professionals focus on the front end of the agreement (e.g. initial compensation/deferred comp/equity?) and neglect the back end of the contract (What happens if they decide to “go in a different direction?” How am I protected?). Your company had a skilled attorney draft this agreement, after all. Shouldn’t you have one too? Contact us at 617-936-1580 or MGLGstaff@mauragreenelaw.com


Your employer has a skilled attorney. When your compensation, career and reputation are at stake, contact us at 617-936-1580 or MGLGstaff@mauragreenelaw.com. We can’t wait to help you.

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