Executive Job Transitions

If you’ve been laid off, fired from your job, restructured out, or you’ve been told you need to leave in weeks or months, you need to manage a job transition. Executive job transitions can be managed.   You may feel that you’re alone in it, but you’re not.   Every week we advise a range of executives and professionals who either knew their job was on the line or were given their notice.  For many people experiencing job transitions, it can be a time of upheaval, dislocation and anxiety.  Here are some of the considerations for executives facing a job transition:

 Managing Your Reputation   

It can be important to control the narrative surrounding your departure, internally within the organization and externally.  There are multiple ways, depending upon the situation, to exert control over the narrative during job transitions.  It is often important to have this agreement in writing, typically in a separation agreement.

Structuring Your Exit Before Job Transitions

We work with executives before job transitions to propose alternatives for structuring the timing and the circumstances of the separation.  This can be important for many reasons, including benefits, vesting schedules, and providing a bridge to a new job.  A job search can take an extended period of time.  It can be important to structure your exit and to memorialize it in a written agreement.

Understanding the Impact of Employment Agreements on Job Transitions

Various agreements you’ve signed may have an impact not only on the circumstances of your departure, but may restrict your options going forward.  Employment agreements, offer letters, non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements and other documents signed prior to and during your employment should all be considered in strategic plans for job transitions.   A severance agreement is a legal contract and should be reviewed by an attorney.

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