Wrongful Termination: When Should You Call a Lawyer?

Employment termination letter

Wrongful termination- do you have a claim?

When should you call a lawyer about a wrongful termination claim? You may have received a written warning or a performance improvement plan. You may have a new supervisor and communication has broken down. There’s been a merger or acquisition and you are suddenly not needed anymore. You are anxiously awaiting the bad news – and it could happen any day.  Or maybe you’ve already lost your job. You’ve been restructured out or laid off or told there are performance problems.  When should you call a lawyer?

There’s an easy answer to the question. Call a lawyer now. In wrongful termination cases, why is it important to have a lawyer while you are still employed? You  may already know the anxiety of waiting for the bad news. It is an emotional roller coaster. One day you may think everything is okay, and the next day you can’t focus on work because it is so stressful.  It can be difficult to know what you need to do to protect your rights. If you’ve already lost your job, there are short time frames for filing wrongful termination claims.

During A Stressful Time, You Need the Support

Of course, losing a job has wider implications for your life. You may have kids, a spouse or partner or elderly parents who are dependent upon you and your salary. There’s rent or a mortgage to pay. If you have been working for years, you may be nearing retirement and wondering how you’ll find another job after a wrongful termination. Like others, you may worry that employers want to hire younger workers and you’ll never find another position with this salary and benefits. Too often employees under this level of stress act on impulse.  They listen to family members, friends and anxious spouses and partners about how to protect themselves.  In doing so, they may unwittingly take actions that  negatively impact their future claims or the ability to negotiate with their employers.  We can advise you on how to protect your reputation and your on-going ability to earn a living.

A Lawyer Can Help You Think And Act Strategically During A Stressful Time

Accordingly, even if you are still employed, it is important to call a lawyer.  Why? We advise employees on steps to protect their reputation.   We work with employees to enhance the likelihood that they will get concessions from their employer.  Employee goals may include severance and the ability to move on to another job. We often hear from employees at the end of the transition process. Often these individuals have taken actions under duress that have already compromised their ability to negotiate with their employer. They may have already damaged their legal claims or set the stage for claims against them. If you are still employed and think you may lose your job, now is the time to contact us.  If you’ve already lost your job, call before you take any additional action that may impact on your case.

We advise employees who think they have a wrongful termination claim.  Our attorneys consult with individuals while they are still employed and after they have left their jobs.  Our firm works to position our clients for the most positive outcome. We’ve been through this process many times before with individuals employed in the fields of technology, biotechnology, finance, banking, health care, higher education, manufacturing, engineering, IT, design, construction, transportation, hospitality, advertising and other industries.   Since we’ve been through the process many times before, we see the big picture.

Why Partner With Us?

Finally, it’s important to us that we partner with our clients. Our clients bring knowledge of their organization, a clear picture of management structure and the financial status of the company. Like you, are clients are smart, accomplished people. We partner with them to find out their goals and to work with them to get the best possible outcome under the circumstances. Sometimes where you start in your employment transition impacts on where you end up. We advise you on steps to take now and actions you should absolutely avoid so you position yourself for  the best possibility of a  successful outcome. Call us, we’re friendly!  If you you want to see reviews, head over to AVVO, where our wonderful clients have reviewed us.

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